Inspired from a friends (Josh Black) sketchbook drawing titled "Out Of The Old Noggin Sketches".

Crab Cam from Jared Brunner on Vimeo.

A metal crate. I made a simple 512x512 strip texture first,
then built the model and laid out the UV's to make it look more interesting.

Metal Crate from Jared Brunner on Vimeo.

Tires for a tractor that I am building.


Here is an idea I had for a new primary weapon for the Pyro in TF2. The thought is that this is primarily a defensive weapon. So close combat leaves you at a disadvantage. My idea is that you can squirt flammable liquid on objects, buildings and opponents. Opponents take mini crit damage once ignited. The catch is that you must light it with your flare gun, mele weapon or a teammates flamethrower (creates a spark igniting the liquid/an teammate with a metal weapon can ignite). There will be a recharge bar. Once that is recharged your sprayed liquid is dried up. The sooner you ignite the liquid after spraying it, the longer it will stay aflame. There is also a limited distance to how far you can squirt. I could see this coming in handy for bottlenecks and spy checking. 

Suggestions of a name?

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